In the Biblio Gallery: Photos by Yue Wang

A photographic series called “Across” by Yue Wang is currently on display in the Biblio Gallery on the 4th floor of Bird Library. In describing her photos, Wang says:

A modern girl passes through some mysterious spaces in different spots rarely noticed by people, like the wreckage, construction field, grassland, and tunnel, in contrast with her style of dress. These scenes aim to show the audience that life is not merely what the mainstream media presents. Unexpected and unknown miracles may happen if we pay more attention to the world ignored by many. It’s all up to the audience what the world the girl passes through will be like.

Photographer Yue Wang came to the United States from China in August 2012 and is currently a freshman in Illustration (VPA). She enjoys travel — the novelty and curiosity provoke her inspiration and ignite her artistic passion. She is embarking on a new artistic journey and hopes to bring more aesthetic enjoyment to the people and the world.

For more information about exhibiting in the Biblio Gallery, contact Ann Skiold at or see

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