Education Research Complete: a new Library database

Education Research Complete is the most authoritative online resource for education research. It is a bibliographic and full-text database covering scholarly research and information relating to all areas of education. Topics include all levels of education from early childhood to higher education, and all educational specialties, such as multilingual education, health education, and testing.

Education Research Complete also covers areas of curriculum instruction as well as administration, policy, funding, and related social issues. The database covers more than 2,300 journals and includes full text for over 1,400 of them. This database also includes full text for more than 550 books and monographs, as well as numerous education-related conference papers.

To access the database, point your browser to Education Research Complete.

For more information or to provide feedback, please contact Mary DeCarlo.

FORENSICnetBASE now available


SU Library now offers FORENSICnetBASE, a new searchable database of essential forensic science and law enforcement reference texts.

Featuring works by esteemed criminologists and forensic practitioners, this e-library include essential references in crisis management and negotiation methods, arson and homicide investigation, expert witnessing, and forensic pathology.

With more than 300 volumes currently online, FORENSICnetBASE includes e-books on subject areas such as:

  • Arson & Fire Investigation
  • Computer Crime Investigation
  • Criminal Justice & Law
  • Forensic Pathology
  • Forensics
  • Law Enforcement
  • Security Management

To access the database, point your browser to:

For Off-Campus access, please point your browser to:

For more information or to provide feedback, please contact Linda Galloway.

ASTM Standards and Engineering Digital Library now available

SU Library now provides the full ASTM Standards and Engineering Digital Library , a vast new online collection of industry-leading standards and technical engineering information. The Library covers a broad range of engineering disciplines, including aerospace, biomedical, chemical, civil, environmental, geological, health and safety, industrial, materials science, mechanical, nuclear, petroleum, soil science, and solar engineering. Includes all current ASTM standards (over 12,000), all ASTM Symposia Papers and Special Technical Publications (over 29,000), all ASTM e-books and manuals, and the following ASTM journals (back to v. 1 issue 1):

  • Geotechnical Testing Journal (GTJ)
  • Journal of ASTM International (JAI)
  • Journal of Cement, Concrete and Aggregates (CCA)
  • Journal of Composites, Technology and Research (JCTR)
  • Journal of Forensic Sciences 1972-2005 (JOFS)
  • Journal of Testing and Evaluation (JTE)

Access the full ASTM Digital Library online via the library catalog or use the direct URL. It is available on or off campus (via proxy).

The Library was able to acquire this digital resource because of membership in the NorthEast Research Libraries Consortium, which successfully negotiated a lower price for ASTM for its members. Previously, the Library only had access to portions of these materials, and most of SU’s ASTM collections were in print.

New Resource: Standard & Poor’s Global Credit Portal

Syracuse University Library now provides access to the public finance portions of Standard & Poor’s Global Credit Portal. This source is invaluable for anyone conducting comprehensive research into government bond issues and other securities tied to finance of U.S. local and regional governments.

Explore S&P’s ratings and reports on government sectors that include education (higher education, K-12 and charter schools), health care, transportation, utilities, housing and more. Review close to two decade’s worth of S&P’s analysis of municipal finance instruments in the U.S., accessing information on ratings upgrades and downgrades and other analytical commentary.

S&P’s advanced search engine allows a researcher to hone in on a specific U.S. state, a bond issuer by name, or a search by CUSIP number. Additional detailed menus allow drilling down into narrower sub-categories of securities types within each sector.

ACCESS NOTE: This subscription is limited to five (5) simultaneous users at any one time.

To access Standard & Poor’s Global Credit Portal (Public Finance U.S.), enter “global credit portal” into the databases search engine on the Library home page or click on the “Electronic Resource – Get It” link on this SU Library catalog page:

For additional information or assistance, contact Public Administration Subject Specialist Librarian, Michael Pasqualoni.

New resource: Elsevier Biology series

The Library now subscribes to the entire Elsevier Biology series, including current issues and all previous volumes. In addition, current subscriptions were changed from print to online. Titles are:
Advances in applied microbiology (vol. 1, 1959 -)
Advances in cancer research (vol. 1, 1953 -)
Advances in carbohydrate chemistry (vol. 1, 1945 – vol. 23, 1968)
Advances in carbohydrate chemistry and biochemistry (vol. 24, 1970 -)
Advances in microbial physiology (vol. 1, 1967 – )
Advances in protein chemistry (vol. 1, 1948 – vol. 75, 2008)
Advances in protein chemistry & structural biology (vol. 75, 2008 -)
Advances in virus research (vol. 1, 1953 – )
Current topics in membranes and transport (vol.1, 1971 – vol. 49, 1999)
Current topics in membranes (vol. 50, 2000)
Methods in cell biology (vol. 1, 1964 – )