New Resource: Morgan Claypool’s Synthesis Digital Library of Engineering and Computer Science (#3)

Morgan Claypool’s Synthesis collection #3 – the Synthesis Digital Library of Engineering and Computer Science — is an innovative information service for the research, development, and educational community in engineering, computer science, and information science.

The basic component of the Library is a 50 -100 page “Lecture”, a self-contained electronic book that synthesizes an important research or development topic, authored by an expert contributor to the field. These e-books cover topics as diverse as tissue engineering, human language technologies, data mining, computer vision, and engineering and society.

For a complete list of titles in the collection, see

New American Society of Civil Engineers publications

The Library now offers the complete ASCE ( American Society of Civil Engineers) Online Library, adding 20 new journals to our previous collection of 13 titles. While this collection will be of most interest to civil and environmental engineers, a number of titles will be of interest to students and faculty in other departments, e.g., the Journal of Aerospace Engineering and the Journal of Energy Engineering. The collection also Includes ASCE Conference Proceedings from 1998 to the present.

Adforum Creative Library Added to Collection

Explore the world of U.S. and international advertising via the Adforum database. This latest addition to SU Library’s collection is an online audiovisual library of more than 120,000 advertisements (1999-present), including:

  • television ads
  • digital/Web ads
  • social media ads
  • print (magazine & newspaper) ads
  • radio ads

and various other forms of “Out of Home” advertising like billboards, posters, and vehicle mounted images. Content originates from over 20,000 advertising agencies in dozens of countries. Award-winning advertising can also be retrieved by award name and year (e.g., Clio, Effie, One Show, etc).

The database offers a variety of other features, including a searchable listing of ad agencies, job postings, a blog, and much more. Additional functionality, such as the ability to maintain a customized playlist of favorite ads, is available to users who register to join the Adforum community.

Adforum’s convenient online platform is accessible to faculty, students, and staff from on- and off-campus locations. The Adforum archive may be smaller than the wide variety of content dispersed across the free web, YouTube, and numerous advertising agency websites, however Adforum’s aggregated content offers greater stability and far more extensive indexing of content, all within a single, internationally oriented collection.

To access Adforum, visit or simply type “Adforum” into the databases section of the search box on the Library home page.

For more information about Adforum, contact Public Communications Librarian, Michael Pasqualoni at (315) 443-3715 or

iPOLL Databank: 75 years of public opinion data now available

The iPOLL Databank is now available to the SU campus and all affiliated students, faculty, and staff as one of Syracuse University Library’s newest databases. Published by the Roper Center for Public Opinion Research, University of Connecticut, this public opinion repository draws upon academic, media, and commercial polls originating from more than 150 organizations (e.g., Gallup, Harris, CBS/New York Times, Fox News, et al). iPOLL covers over one half million polling questions and responses from 1935 to the present.

iPOLL’s features include question level retrieval with links to full results, links from questions to study abstracts and questionnaires, and unlimited download of datasets via RoperExpress (in SPSS or ASCII formats). Once inside the database, users can also register for accounts that enhance their ability to manipulate and save search results.

To access the iPOLL Databank from on or off campus, point your browser to or, alternatively, type ipoll (all lowercase) into the Databases section of the search box on the Library home page.

For more information on the iPOLL Databank, contact Michael Pasqualoni, Political Science Subject Specialist Librarian, at or 443-3715.