New resource: Elsevier Biology series

The Library now subscribes to the entire Elsevier Biology series, including current issues and all previous volumes. In addition, current subscriptions were changed from print to online. Titles are:
Advances in applied microbiology (vol. 1, 1959 -)
Advances in cancer research (vol. 1, 1953 -)
Advances in carbohydrate chemistry (vol. 1, 1945 – vol. 23, 1968)
Advances in carbohydrate chemistry and biochemistry (vol. 24, 1970 -)
Advances in microbial physiology (vol. 1, 1967 – )
Advances in protein chemistry (vol. 1, 1948 – vol. 75, 2008)
Advances in protein chemistry & structural biology (vol. 75, 2008 -)
Advances in virus research (vol. 1, 1953 – )
Current topics in membranes and transport (vol.1, 1971 – vol. 49, 1999)
Current topics in membranes (vol. 50, 2000)
Methods in cell biology (vol. 1, 1964 – )

Library adds 17 new Nature titles

The Library recently subscribed to 17 additional Nature e-journal titles, made possible through a collaboration with the North East Research Libraries consortium. The Library now offers Nature‘s complete Physical Science collection, as well as all of Nature‘s Research & Reviews collection (except for clinical practice titles). These are in addition to current subscriptions to the flagship journal Nature, plus Nature Biotechnology, Nature Cell Biology, Nature Chemistry, Nature Genetics, Nature Geoscience, Nature Materials, Nature Nanotechnology, Nature Physics, and Nature Structural and Molecular Biology.
New titles are:

Nature Immunology
Nature Medicine
Nature Methods
Nature Neuroscience
Nature Protocols
Nature Reviews Cancer
Nature Reviews Drug Discovery
Nature Reviews Genetics
Nature Reviews Immunology
Nature Reviews Microbiology
Nature Reviews Molecular Cell B
Nature Reviews Neuroscience
Nature Chemical Biology
Nature Photonics

To review the complete list of titles, search Nature as a vendor on the Locate tab of the E-Journal Locator.

New online Chemistry resources

The Library recently acquired two important online reference works in Chemistry.The Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology is the premier work for chemical engineering, and e-EROS, the online version of the Encyclopedia of Reagents of Organic Synthesis.

e-EROS is described as “the one source for in-depth information on reagents and catalysts at your fingertips,” offering systematic and exhaustive coverage of reagents used in organic synthesis. The A to Z listing covers classical reagents, new “designer” reagents and catalysts. e-EROS has been designed and developed by chemists for chemists to enable the user to find the most suitable reagent or catalyst for performing particular reactions. A variety of searching options are available that mirror the way chemists think.

New Resource: Morgan Claypool’s Synthesis Digital Library of Engineering and Computer Science (#3)

Morgan Claypool’s Synthesis collection #3 – the Synthesis Digital Library of Engineering and Computer Science — is an innovative information service for the research, development, and educational community in engineering, computer science, and information science.

The basic component of the Library is a 50 -100 page “Lecture”, a self-contained electronic book that synthesizes an important research or development topic, authored by an expert contributor to the field. These e-books cover topics as diverse as tissue engineering, human language technologies, data mining, computer vision, and engineering and society.

For a complete list of titles in the collection, see