Potential Additions to the Principal Collections

Syracuse University Libraries welcomes feedback about the following resources for which we currently have trial access during February 2018. Faculty, staff, and student feedback is an important part of our evaluation process and we welcome your comments, particularly about how a specific resource would support your research and/or the curriculum of your school or college. Send feedback to the collections team at colls@syr.edu. Please be aware that we are exploring these resources for future consideration, and there is no guarantee that we will be able to subscribe, especially within a specific timeframe.

American Politics in the Early Cold War: Truman and Eisenhower Administrations, 1945-1961 is available from the ProQuest History Vault through February 23 and includes documents from the Eisenhower and Truman administrations, including White House files, Cabinet meeting minutes, as well as Eisenhower and Truman diaries and more.

American Politics and Society from Kennedy to Watergate (1960-1975) is available from the ProQuest History Vault through February 23. It includes documents from the Kennedy and Johnson administrations, Aeronautics and Space Reports, 1958-1984; White House files on the citizen’s Advisory Council on the Status of Women, U.S. Commission on Civil Rights documents, EPA records, FBI Files on the American Indian Movement and Wounded Knee, and more.

Vietnam War and American Foreign Policy, 1960-1975 is available from the ProQuest History Vault through February 23. To explore, connect via the trial link and select International Relations and Military Conflicts. This resource includes items from the Records of the Military Assistance Command Vietnam, U.S Armed Forces in Vietnam, Records of the U.S. Marine Corps in the Vietnam War, and the Vietnam Documents and Research Notes Series.

Confederate Military Manuscripts and Records of Union Generals and the Union Army is available from the ProQuest History Vault through March 2. To explore, connect via trial link and select Southern Life, Slavery, and the Civil War. Includes Confederate Military Manuscripts from the Virginia Historical Society and records from the Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections, Louisiana State University; the Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin; and the University of Virginia. The documents included range from administrative to personal.

American Jewish Newspapers is available from ProQuest through March 2. This resource provides page image access to American Hebrew & Jewish Messenger (1857-1922), Jewish Advocate (1905-1990), American Israelite (1854-2000), Jewish Exponent (1887-1990).

Religious Magazine Archive is available from ProQuest through March 2. It includes citations and articles from eight religious magazines from the 19th-21st centuries The titles are The Advent, America, American Theosophist, BR, Catholic World, Islamic Horizons, Plain Truth, and Quest.

You may view the complete list of trials available from ProQuest.

Global Commodities: Trade, Exploration & Cultural Exchange by Adam Matthew is available through March 1. This resource provides access to primary source manuscripts, maps, and visual resources covering  advertising, production, commerce and other topics in relation to key commodities such as chocolate, coffee, cotton, silver, timber, wheat, and more.

Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Philosophers is available through March 2. It contains biographical information about key figures in history of thought and philosophy from Britain, Ireland, the Middle East and North America.

Music:)Ally is available through February 28. It provides access to news and analysis about the online music industry – technology, marketing, trends, and more.

China Comprehensive Gazetteers from East View is available through February 28. Produced in conjunction with the National Library of China, this database presents a vast collection of Chinese local gazetteers spanning eight centuries 1229-1949.

Please note: Limited on-campus access to these resources are provided by the vendors for the purpose of evaluating their usefulness and potential value to the SU community. Please see the SU Libraries policy on access to licensed resources.

Mendeley workshops on Wednesday, February 21

Do you want to learn more about organizing your citations and PDFs in the research process? Please join the Syracuse University Libraries on Wednesday, February 21 for a Mendeley workshop. Mendeley is a free reference manager and academic social network that can help you organize your research, collaborate with others online, and discover the latest research. Both workshops will cover the same material and will be an introduction to new users but there will also be some advance tips and tricks for those of you who may already use the tool.

More help on the tool can be found on the Mendeley Research Guide.

Session 1:
Wednesday, February 21
10 to 11:30 a.m.
Bird Library 046 (ETC)

Session 2:
Wednesday, February 21
2:30 to 4 p.m.
Bird Library 046 (ETC)

Please register in advance of the workshop. Email Anne Rauh with questions.

In the Biblio Gallery: Abigail Latham

An oil on canvas exhibit entitled Catastrophes in Motion by Abigail Latham is currently on display in the Biblio Gallery on the 4th floor of Bird Library. Latham is a senior in the Painting program at the College of Visual and Performing Arts.

In describing the exhibition, Latham says:

Within my work I want to fight my fears with recklessness. This reckless abandon is seen through the perspective of the female. Girls are taught to be cautious and avoid danger, adventure, and impulsive behavior. Fear and recklessness are underlying theme seen through this body of work, specifically acrophobia (fear of heights), claustrophobia (fear of confined spaces), and xenophobia (fear of the unknown). I explore these fears and the fear of expanding horizons through the chaotic abstraction. My subject matter focuses on that of transient states and a rising sense of chaos. Physically and emotionally overwhelming, “Forces” specifically evokes the sense of standing in a storm. The rapid movement of the brushstrokes and layered paint quality bring out the intense psychological state of catharsis and disarray.

The exhibit will be on display through March 2, 2018.

For more information about exhibiting in the Biblio Gallery, contact Ann Skiold at saskiold@syr.edu or see the Biblio Gallery website.

“StoryCorps” to feature SU alumna Dr. Sharon Brangman

Triple Triumph cover

Physician and prominent Syracuse University alumna Dr. Sharon Brangman ’77 and her daughter Dr. Jenna Lester are the subject of a StoryCorps interview, to be broadcast on NPR’s Morning Edition on Friday, January 26 at 6:20 a.m. and 8:20 a.m. EST.

This interview is a result of Triple Triumph: Three Women in Medicine, an open access book conceived and edited by Syracuse University professors Cathryn Newton and Samuel Gorovitz. The book includes profiles of Dr. Brangman, Dr. Patricia Numann, and Dr. Ruth Weinstock, pioneering women doctors at SUNY Upstate Medical University, written by Danielle Roth ’16, with photographs by Drew Osumi ’16, both Newhouse grads. Following her work on Triple Triumph, Danielle Roth interned with StoryCorps  where she pitched and produced the story on Brangman and Lester.

“We are proud that Dr. Brangman’s scientific and medical career began at Syracuse when she was an undergraduate—and are especially proud to have collaborated with her on Triple Triumph. Her daughter Dr. Jenna Lester is a highly accomplished scientist and physician, as well. We hope all friends of Syracuse University tune in to hear their story tomorrow,” says Newton.

StoryCorps is an independent nonprofit project whose mission is to honor and celebrate the lives of everyday Americans by capturing their stories. StoryCorps interviews are archived at the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress for future generations to hear.

The piece will be available on NPR’s website and on the StoryCorps site. Find your local NPR station in this directory.

Triple Triumph was published in September 2017 by Syracuse Unbound, a joint imprint of Syracuse University Press and Syracuse University Libraries. To date, it has been downloaded 2,755 times from 25 countries.

Student venture Ravle advances to semi-final round of Student Startup Madness

Kevin Rieck (left) and Tay Lotte

Student startup Ravle, founded by Syracuse University students Tay Lotte ’19 (Creative Leadership, University College) and Kevin Rieck ’19 (Knowledge Management, University College), has been selected to advance to the semi-final round of the 2017-2018 Student Startup Madness Tournament, held at South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, Texas in March. They will compete against 31 other digital media, product, and service startups from 29 colleges across the nation for a spot in the tournament’s final round.

Ravle is a digital travel platform and filmmaking collective that engages travel filmmakers to turn beautifully filmed travelogues into mapped itineraries and personal travel guides to such destinations as the Australian Outback, Vancouver Island, Iceland, and unique places like Ladakh, India, Bangkok, and Nara, Japan.

Lotte and Rieck launched their venture in February 2017 and went on to win second prize in the Whitman School’s 2017 Panasci Business Plan Competition, securing $7,500 in funding to kick-start their venture. Since then, they have assembled a team of developers and launched the Ravle website in September 2017.

“Our goal is not just to inspire others to get out and explore, but to give travelers the tools they need to plan an adventure that will change the way they experience the world,” says Lotte, who is also Ravle’s head designer. “Our filmmakers share a common drive to travel to new destinations or seek out hidden gems. They have a sixth sense for finding cool places that others do not often see.”

“We were so excited to make it to the semi-final round because this is a prominent national competition with a massive pool of applicants. We are working on getting brand sponsorships for upcoming trips by our filmmakers, and are hopeful that our growth will help us be selected for the final round,” said Rieck.

The Ravle team developed their venture with the support from the Blackstone LaunchPad at Bird Library.  They received mentorship to refine their business strategy, establish themselves as a legal entity, and connect to other student entrepreneurs with the skills they need to grow their team.

Student Startup Madness (SSM) is the only nationwide collegiate tournament focused on digital media startups. Sean Branagan, founder of the Student Startup Madness Tournament, and director of the Center for Digital Media Entrepreneurship at the Newhouse School, believes that Ravle is among a highly competitive selection of teams that “are the best college digital media startups in the country.”