De-accessioning journals in Sci-Tech Library

Early in July, the Library began to de-accession journals in the Sci-Tech Library for which we purchased online equivalents earlier this year. You may see several staff members removing print journals from the Sci-Tech Library over the course of the summer.

This de-accessioning provides much needed room for the ongoing growth of the print monograph collections in Sci-Tech. In addition, the purchase of these backfiles means that online access to this historically valuable record of 20th century science is now available to SU students and researchers anywhere, anytime.

This project originated as the Library began addressing a space crunch and announced plans to relocate some materials offsite. As an alternative to offsite storage, the Library trialed several online backfiles of the most significant science journal packages and sought input from faculty and academic departments.

From March 1 – March 31, 2010, the Library arranged with 4 major science publishers for trial access to older runs (backfiles) of chemistry and physics journals. In total, over 300 journals from 7 different backfile packages were evaluated. Librarians were sensitive to concerns about the image quality, legibility, and accessibility of this content and only purchased those collections that received no negative feedback from any departments or faculty members.

For complete information about this project, please contact Scott Warren, Bibliographer for the Sciences and Technology, at (315) 443-8339, email, or visit the Sci-Tech De-accessioning Project webpage.

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