Fiber Art projects adorn Bird Library

Students in the VPA’s fiber architecture class, co-taught by Janet Ambrose and Mary Giehl, have installed their final semester projects on the first floor and lower level of Bird Library’s Learning Commons. The class draws students from design, architecture, sculpture, fiber arts, and other majors.

Students used the two Learning Commons spaces as their inspiration and planned their work to fit and work in these spaces. Fiber sculptures are wrapped around columns, suspended from the ceiling, and situated in some unexpected locations. By displaying in the Library, student artwork will be seen by hundreds of people. In addition, installing in a public setting like Bird provided students with the real-life experience of working in an environment where there is less control and predictability than in a critique space or gallery.

This exhibit is a result of the ongoing partnership between the Learning Commons and COLAB, which has previously installed exhibits in the lower level of Bird Library. The first phase of installations was completed in late March and additional works will be added. They will remain in place through the end of the semester.

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