Global New Products Database trial

Trial access to Global New Products Database (GNPD) is currently available.

Mintel GNPD captures 600 fields of data on a wide variety of U.S. and international new products and brands introduced (or also relaunched) since 1996. The range of product categories aligns with various baskets of goods their Mintel ‘shoppers’ uncover in brick and mortar grocery stores, such as Wegmans, Top’s Markets, as well as big box stores like Target. Inside the trial, you will see the range of product categories they cover, with emphasis on food, but also personal care and household cleaning products, etc. GNPD is not covering ‘non-supermarket’ items, such as apparel, information technology, automobiles, high-end jewelry, furniture, the publishing industry, etc. For the product categories they do cover, those 600 fields for each brand provide content certainly not presently directly available at SU/SU Libraries (such as total sales revenues data for specific brands). This resource allows a researcher to also track new brands/brand relaunches linked to a specific company (such as Unilever, Campbell’s Soup, etc.) and provides highly detailed information on product ingredients, as well as new brands linked to specific physical grocery store locations and geographic regions.

To access the GNPD trial, go to (preferably via a non IE browser) and enter your email address and existing Mintel password.

If you do not already have a Mintel password, follow Mintel’s instructions to “create a personal profile,” which are available at the Mintel Academic page.

After you have created your personal profile, return to and select Mintel GNPD from the available subscriptions. Please remember that the email address used must end in Downloading is disabled for the trial.

Faculty, staff, and student feedback is an important part of our evaluation process and we welcome your comments. Please send them to Stephanue JH McReynolds at

Trial access is available through April 14, 2017.

Please note: Limited, on-campus-only access to this resource is provided by the vendor for the purpose of evaluating its usefulness and potential value to the SU community.

Please see the SU Libraries policy on access to licensed resources.


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