HathiTrust Research Center releases Extracted Features Dataset

hathitrustHathiTrust has announced the release of a significantly expanded open dataset, HathiTrust Research Center (HTRC) Extracted Features (EF) Dataset, Version 1.0. This dataset provides researchers with open access to data from the full text of the HathiTrust Digital Library (HTDL), representing 13.7 million volumes, over 5 billion pages, and consisting of over 2 trillion tokens (words). Syracuse University Libraries hold an institutional membership in the HathiTrust partnership.

The Extracted Features Dataset opens the complete HathiTrust collection for investigations into historical and cultural trends, the rise and fall of topics within the corpus, and the evolution of words and writing structures in publications dating from the 16th to the late 20th century. The EF Dataset provides quantitative information about word and line counts, parts of speech, and other details within each page of every volume in the HTDL. In addition to these larger-scale investigations, the EF Dataset also allows researchers to closely analyze the contents of a given volume or subset of volumes.

A preliminary release of the EF Dataset, drawn from a smaller subset comprising only HathiTrust’s public domain collection, has already enabled novel research by scholars in economics, history, linguistics, literary studies, and sociology, among other fields.

“We launched the HathiTrust Research Center to help researchers fully mine the entire collection of texts found in HathiTrust,” said Michael Furlough, HathiTrust’s executive director. “This release provides a novel and effective way to do so by generating relevant data from the entire corpus.”

Founded in 2008 and hosted at the University of Michigan, HathiTrust preserves and provides access to millions of digitized books and journals from the collections of more than 120 institutional partners via its certified trusted digital repository. This searchable archive of published literature from around the world includes both in-copyright and public domain materials from mass digitization programs and partners’ local digitization initiatives.

The HathiTrust Research Center is an advanced research service of HathiTrust, launched jointly by Indiana University and the University of Illinois. The Research Center team strives to meet the technical challenges that researchers face when dealing with massive amounts of digital text by developing cutting-edge software tools and cyberinfrastructure to enable advanced computational access to the growing digital record of human knowledge.

For more information about the Extracted Features Dataset and access to it, go to https://analytics.hathitrust.org/datasets. The HTRC EF Dataset is released under a Creative Commons CC-BY license.

Questions? Please contact htrc-help@hathitrust.org.

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