Introducing Virtual Shelf Browse

Library users now have the opportunity to browse library shelves right from their desktops using the “Browse This Shelf” feature of the Classic Catalog.

“Browse This Shelf” was designed by Polk Library at the University of Wisconsin to be a “visually engaging presence to mimic the real-world effect of browsing.” It gives library users the opportunity to easily browse back and forth among other similar items on the library’s shelves, in addition to items that are part of our digital collections. It is especially useful in the case of subjects that may be housed in multiple libraries on campus.

To use “Browse This Shelf,” from the Library’s home page, click the Classic Catalog link under the Find menu. Conduct your search as you normally would, and choose a relevant item from the results. Scroll to the bottom of the item’s record and look for the “Browse This Shelf” box. This box displays materials in call number order, just as if you were standing in front of the shelves. This is an excellent way to find additional resources on your subject without having to do a lot of extra work!

  • Scroll forward and backward by clicking the left and right arrow buttons to see more books on the shelf. When the books become less relevant, try moving in the opposite direction.
  • Mouse over a cover to view summary information or to look up reviews of the book on Google Books.
  • Click a cover to view full information about that title.

For an overview of this function see this video:

browse this shelf

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