Photos of Bhutan on display in the Biblio Gallery

Kongkona Sarma is an MPA student at the Maxwell School. She is a published travel writer who loves to capture lives of people — through her pen and lens. As a freelance travel writer she has traveled extensively all over India. Her favorite place, however, remains the remote part of India, in the country’s north-eastern region bordering Bhutan, Burma and Bangladesh where she was born. Nestled at the foothills of Eastern Himalayas, the Northeast of India is an anthropological lab where myriad of ethnic tribes have migrated over the centuries and have made it their home. While touring the villages that dot these mountainous regions she, along with her sister, decided to start a responsible travel firm, GypsyFeet Travels.
GypsyFeet is completely committed to the cause of sustainable and responsible tourism by taking concrete steps like working with community-based tourism initiatives, emphasizing on stay in eco-friendly houses and home-stays, promoting local craft and conservation efforts. It currently conducts off-beat experiential trips in Northeast India and the neighboring country of Bhutan. More details of the work done by them can be found at
The photos on display are from the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan. Through her pictures, Kongkona would like to give you a glimpse of, what can be aptly described as, the last Shangri-La on earth.

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