Library adds new Mathematics journals and e-books

The Syracuse University Library has purchased several online packages to 13186931-background-with-mathematical-formulasexpand Library collections in mathematics, including:

  • Elsevier mathematics journals backfile (17 titles);
  • Springer mathematics journals backfile;
  • Springer mathematics e-books backfile (2005-2011)
  • Springer e-book series backfile

With this purchase, the Library now has complete access to all older Elsevier math journal content; Elsevier provides open access to their other backlist math journals.  The Springer mathematics journals backfile provides online access to the pre-1997 portions of over 100 journals. In combination with current subscriptions to Springer and Elsevier journals, Syracuse University Library now provides online access to all historic and current journal content from two of the world’s largest mathematics publishers.

The Springer mathematics e-books package consists of every mathematics book published by Springer between 2005 and 2011, nearly 2,500 in total. About 2,000 of those titles are new to Library collections. This purchase dramatically increases the size of the Library’s collection of math books. Coupled with the earlier purchase of the Springer series backfile (Lecture Notes in Mathematics and Mathematical Programming Studies), almost 10% of the mathematics books held by the Library are now available as e-books.

All new content will be accessible in the Library classic catalog and in Summon. For more information, contact mathematics librarian Mary DeCarlo at

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