Library offers campus-wide access to the Chronicle of Higher Education

Syracuse University Library has secured a campus-wide site license for online access to the Chronicle of Higher Education and the Chronicle of Philanthropy. Premium content is available to anyone accessing either website [ and] from an on-campus location. No subscription or account is necessary.

To be recognized as an authorized user from off-campus, users have two options: access from the e-journals section of the Library website or via one of the following direct URLs:

Chronicle of Higher Education:

Chronicle of Philanthropy:

The Chronicle of Higher Education offers news, information, and employment opportunities for college and university faculty and administrators, along with a variety of newsletters. Its digital publications are updated every weekday; back issues are available from 1995.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy offers content for nonprofit organizations, grant makers, and other philanthropic enterprises. Digital copies of the publication are updated every other Monday and back issues are available from October 1997. The Chronicle of Philanthropy’s free e-newsletter, Philanthropy Today, is available daily.

For more information about this subscription, contact Robert Cleary at 443-2989 or email For assistance accessing these titles, contact Kelley Lasher at 443-6179 or email

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