Open Access Journals: The Answer to High Publisher Costs? A Peer to Peer Library Dialog, 4/7/04

Peer to Peer Library Dialog
Wednesday April 7
Noon – 1pm
1916A Room – E.S. Bird Library

Join Susan Berteaux, Head of Syracuse University Science & Technology Libraries, and Betsy Elkins, Library Director at SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry’s Moon Library, for a Peer to Peer discussion entitled Open Access Journals: The Answer to High Publisher Costs?
Stop by for a discussion touching on questions such as:

  • What are the benefits and challenges in developing open access models for scholarly communication?
  • Will titles from PLoS (Public Library of Science) and SPARC (Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition) help lower subscription costs for libraries and increase access for patrons?
  • Will faculty publish in these journals?
  • What other issues surround this new landscape in scholarly communication?

Those interested in reading more about this topic are also welcome to review the following articles (all available via SUMMIT Catalog–online course reserve-“LBR 100”):
Graham, Peter S. Open Access to Scholarship–New Opportunities for the University. The Library Connection (Winter 2003-4): 1-3
Doyle, Helen J. The Public Library of Science: Open Access from the Ground Up. C&RL News, 65(3), 2004
Guterman, Lila. The Promise and Peril of Open Access. The Chronicle of Higher Education (January 30, 2004): A10-14
Reed, Christopher. Just Say No to Exploitative Publishers of Science Journals. The Chronicle of Higher Education (February 20, 2004): B16
Open Access News blog:
The “”Public Library of Science” Web Site:
SPARC Open Access Newsletter:

Hope to see you there.

Peer to Peer Library Dialog is a staff initiated program of monthly discussion about trends and current topics of interest in librarianship. Send comments or questions to Michael Pasqualoni
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