School of Architecture sponsors WikiD: Women, Wikipedia, Design

Women.Wikipedia.DesignAs part of a global campaign to increase the number of Wikipedia articles about women in architecture, urbanism, engineering, art, and design, School of Architecture Professor Lori Brown, Art Librarian Ann Skiold, and Architecture Librarian Barbara Opar will hold a WikiD: Women, Wikipedia, Design writing workshop on Tuesday, April 5, from 3:30 to 7 p.m. in Bird Library, Room 004. Participants will create, update and improve Wikipedia articles about female architects and others in the field.

Students of all gender identities are welcome to participate; editorial experience is not required. The event will include basic instruction in how to create and update entries for those new to Wikipedia.

This event is part of larger efforts of ArchiteXX, Parlour (Melbourne) and n-ails (Berlin).

For more information, contact Barbara Opar.

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