Simmons Choices III: new consumer data source

Simmons Choices III (Experian Consumer Research) is a CD containing extensive survey data for a large sampling of American consumers and households.

Available at leading business libraries across the U.S., Choices III allows cross tabulation of hundreds of consumer product categories, with usage data for over 8,000 brands, inclusive of consumer media habits, diverse demographic categories, and psychographic (attitudinal and lifestyle) profiles. Data is from the most recent CD release (Spring 2006) and includes Simmons’:

  • Integrated National Consumer Study/Hispanic Consumer Study
  • National Consumer Study – Teens (ages 12-17)
  • National Consumer Study – Kids (ages 6-11)

Although only located at one offline location, the CHOICES III CD provides invaluable information to researchers and students investigating consumer product and media preferences. This highly sought after competitive business data is not otherwise readily obtainable by most academic communities.

Interested researchers will find CHOICES III available at E.S. Bird Library’s 3rd Floor, Geographic & Statistical Information Center – Workstation A. The document, A Guide to Choices 3 Software, is also available at the Center.

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