SU Libraries offer new Research Data Services tutorials

Big-DataThe Research Data Services program of the Syracuse University Libraries offers a broad range of services related to the identification, collection, management, analysis, and curation of quantitative and qualitative research data. Among their most recent offerings are two series of tutorials on creating and managing research data and using Qualtrics online survey software.

Aimed at those with some basic knowledge of research methods or statistics, the Data Training series helps users work with research data in a methodical and efficient manner. Graduate students who are in the early stages of planning their thesis or dissertation would benefit most from this series. Modules are designed to be used as a series, but can also be used for reference. Topics include Planning Your Research, Working with Variables, Documenting Your Research, Collecting Your Data, Cleaning Your Data, and Analyzing Your Data.

The Qualtrics series enables new users to design and build a first-rate survey using the Qualtrics online survey software. Topics covered in these tutorials include: Planning Your Qualtrics Survey, Backing Up and Documenting Your Survey, Variables and Values, Anonymity in Qualtrics, and Randomization in Qualtrics.

Other services offered by Research Data Services include:

  • assistance with research methodology, instrument design, and quantitative and qualitative data analysis;
  • instruction in use of specialized software, such as SAS, Stata, SPSS, and ArcGIS;
  • assessment of data management needs;
  • assistance with data management plans required by NSF, NIH, and other funders;
  • consulting in research methods, study design, survey and interview design;
  • assistance in locating and using other sources of quantitative, qualitative; and GIS data;
  • identifying appropriate repositories for long-term access to research data.

SU Libraries can also generate and assign a permanent data identifier (DOI) to your datasets to facilitate citation and attribution of shared datasets.

For more information on Research Data Services, contact Paul Bern at 315.443.1352 or email



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