SU Library rejoins SHARES program, provides on-site access to numerous other research libraries

By becoming a member of OCLC’s Research Library Partnership Program, Syracuse University Library has been able to re-join the SHARES program. SHARES enables participating institutions to offer a collaborative interlibrary loan program, as well as on-site access at participating libraries.

Faculty, emeritus faculty, students, and academic and professional staff of partner institutions are able to visit and use the collections and services of SHARES member libraries. This international sharing partnership expands and enhances local collections with materials owned by partners around the world.

SHARES institutions include Brown University, Columbia, Cornell, NYU, Penn State, Princeton, University of Michigan, Yale, University of Pennsylvania, University of Toronto, and many others. For a full list of participants, see

Visitors must present a currently valid institutional ID card. A photo identification may be requested if the ID does not include a photograph. In-library use of material is permitted, but SHARES members are not granted borrowing privileges. Visitors will receive the same degree of access accorded their peers at the host institution; for example, visiting faculty will be granted local faculty privileges. Access to special or restricted collections or materials may be possible if arranged in advance.

On-site access is available during the institution’s regular business hours. To verify hours, holiday access, and access to departmental libraries and special collections, contact the SHARES liaison in advance.

For more information, see

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