Take the Knovel University Challenge

Knovel, one of the key engineering resources brought to you Syracuse University Library, has kicked off its 2011 University Challenge.

Solve three problems using Knovel for a chance to win an iPad 2, cash, and lots of other great prizes.

Last year, Andy Quach, a sophomore in the L.C. Smith College of Engineering and Computer Science, won second prize.

How It Works — Play Two Ways

  1. Go to www.knoveluniversitychallenge.com or the Facebook version of the game.
  2. Choose your difficulty level.
  3. Use the search box* to answer three questions correctly.
  4. Share with Friends — schools with 100 correct entries or more are guaranteed entry into a contest-within-the-contest, ensuring one student participant with three correct answers will be the winner of an iPod Nano.

*For entries to be valid, and to qualify for prizes, you must use Knovel to answer the questions.

The contest ends midnight on December 1.

Have a question or need help using Knovel? Contact Anne E. Rauh, Engineering and Computer Science Librarian, at aerauh@syr.edu.

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