This summer, materials on the second floor of E.S. Bird Library may not appear in their usual places because the Library is in the midst of a shifting project.

By the opening of the fall semester current periodicals and newspapers on the second floor of E.S. Bird Library, as well as materials having call numbers that begin with B, C, and D, will have been shifted to new second-floor locations.

Current periodicals and newspapers will move to a more visible and comfortable location adjacent to the soft seating area, by the west-side windows facing the Schine Student Center.

Temporary stacks will be built near the present Current Periodicals area to house the books with call numbers in the BVs to the BZs. Temporary signage will be posted for the time that these books are out of sequence, and staff will be available to help locate books. By mid-August the temporary stacks will be removed, and the area will again become a reading space.

Finally, to help increase available shelving throughout E.S. Bird Library, selected JSTOR journals that is, those journals that have an online electronic equivalent through the JSTOR program will be removed from the general collection stacks.

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