Tourist: photography by Jeniva Quinones in Biblio Gallery

quinonesA collection of photographs by Jeniva Quinones called Tourist is featured in the Biblio Gallery on the 4th floor of Bird Library from March 22 to April 22, 2013. Quinones is an Art Photography major in VPA.

In reflecting on her photography, Quinones says, “Until the summer of 2012 I had never been a tourist in a foreign country. Being a New Yorker, born and bred, I was predisposed to an anti-tourist mindset. Studying in Florence showed me what it is like for people consciously leaving their comfort zone to explore the world. I no longer knew the area, the customs, or even the language. I felt lost and overwhelmed everywhere I went. I couldn’t even buy cold medicine without a handwritten note from a faculty member. “Tourist” is a series of self-portrait photomontages made during my semester in Florence, each interrupted in a different fashion to visually express my emotional disconnect from the country I was living in. This exhibition also includes a series of untitled photomontages I made in Florence.”

For more information about exhibiting in the Biblio Gallery, contact Ann Skiold at or see the Biblio Gallery website.

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