Date(s) - 01/14/2022 - 02/25/2022
All Day

Bird Library, 4th Floor


Artist Xuan Liu, a third year master of fine arts in illustration student in the College of Visual and Performing Arts, was born and raised in Beijing, China.

“My work combines printmaking, watercolor, digital painting, and mixed media. It shows a mysterious, quiet atmosphere. I secretly pass by these insects, flowers, and trees, observing the lonely and beautiful beings, while speculating on their lives. I appreciate their brief encounters with me. They are like a sedative, making me stop and breathe. It is almost as if time has frozen, making me feel the rhythm of life and the environment. I follow these plants, insects, and cells to feel the cycle of life, the impermanence and eternity of life.”

colorful graphic illustration of ghosts in various colors, sizes and shapes appearing to sit on tree shape that is blue with several branches