Several SUL staff members have been awarded the SU Exemplary Achievement Award for their work as members of the WebChat Action Team in implementing WebChat. These awards are given annually by the Office of Human Resources to acknowledge outstanding employee contributions to Syracuse University.

Comprised of Tasha Cooper, Tom Keays, Donna Sullivan, and Suzanne Preate, the Team was nominated for the award by their Project Manager, Elaine Coppola.

The Web Chat Action Team was formed in the summer of 2001 to fulfill the goal of extending reference service through innovative service delivery using interactive chat. The Team was asked to develop the pilot reference service and “to assess the need for, response to, and effectiveness of the service” (Web Chat Action Plan Propoasl) and to assess policies and procedures, software selection, and patron and staff responses.

The Library’s users ultimately enjoy the benefits created from the initiative and hard work of this team and other efforts to create new programs and choices for meeting information needs. It is fitting that the University recognized their achievement. Congratulations to Tasha, Donna, Tom, Suzanne, and Elaine.